Ethiopian UAS is

F(it), A(djusted), I(nnovative), T(rendy) & H(olistic)to meet Industries and the Labor Market




The Ethiopian government decided to differentiate the higher education sector. Out of 44 universities, 15 universities were defined as universities of applied sciences (UAS). Since there is no experience on UAS in the country, the FAITH Project has approached European partners interested in working with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to build a framework for the UAS sector and to work on an Ethiopian UAS model.

The overall objective of establishing a UAS sector is to contribute to the regional economic and social development and to increase the employability of the graduates. The specific objectives of the FAITH Project are:


●  Establish Ethio-European UAS partnerships

●  Generate lessons learnt from Europe, adjusted to the Ethiopian context, as toolboxes for Ethio practice

●  Conceptualize tested, piloted & optimized toolboxes

●  Establish a community of peer learning through a training institute to accommodate the knowledge &expertise